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An insider revealed, “All of the club’s employees, from the managers to the custodians, know that celebrities like to hang out [at Embassy], so they would not be surprised if they see celebrities around.” The insider revealed, “In January, Ron Ng and Derek Kok came to the club together.They tried several girls, and they drank and sang karaoke all night. Four hours later, they went out for a late-night snack.The sex is for plot purposes.* The plot weaves around a lot.

A reliable source claimed that Ron and Derek have been regular guests at Asian Standard Tower’s nightclub, Embassy, since January 2012.

They don't start dating until after its revealed what Sachi and Remi did together.

People also say that Sachi will do it again and I don't think she will.

She needed to go through this experience of hurting someone to find out what she truly wanted in life, and that was to be together with Ruki and protect her.

It was cruel to string Ruki along while fucking Remi.

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