Sexual spanking chat

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This keeps the focus on the sexual behavior, actually making things worse by putting the client at odds with his or her sexuality and actually causing the behaviors to increase.

However, I have rarely experienced this to be successful.

has become a minimalist and somewhat linear view of complex perceptions and experiences. This is NOT to say that enormous healing has not occurred in this prevailing paradigm.

Yet, like you Joe, the philosophy has to evolve to educate and inform people with evolved learnings.

We as therapists need to self-reflect and evaluate where we stand on working from a sex addiction model, or whatever we believe to be healthy versus non-healthy sexuality, and make sure we are not imposing our beliefs and views onto the client.

Nowadays, using the framework of sex addiction is the last thing I might consider when someone comes into my office struggling with out-of-control sexual behaviors.It’s good to rule out things, but it’s also good not to assume something is happening without consistent supporting evidence.The important thing that I have realized is it is best to come from a strength-based and sex-positive place and not from pathology and disease.For instance: * Sex is not as simple as I had learned.It is far more complicated and messy psychologically, both very ordinary and very weird in everyone.

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