Procedure for liquidating a company

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The Liquidator has determined that Fremont does not have sufficient assets to make any distributions below Class...

Due to the transfer of claim files to the state insurance guarantee associations and the initiation of the process for returning information on these files to the California Conservation and Liquidation Office, claim change data for the quarter ended June 30, 2017 is not yet available.

Non-admitted business claims are not covered by Guaranty Funds.

Those claims should now have been returned to the policyholder for handling. This notice deals with holders of approved general creditor claims against Mission Insurance Company Trust and approved policyholder priority proof of claims against Mission National Insurance Company Trust.

The Superior Court has set a hearing on the Commissioner's motion to approve the proposed Conservation and Liquidation Plan for September 13, 2016, at a.m., in Department 302, at 400 Mc Allister Street, San Francisco, California, 94102. Wilson in Support of Motion for Order Approving Conservation and Liquidation Plan for Castlepoint National Insurance Company, which include Exhibit A -... Pursuant to the Conservation Order, the California Insurance Commissioner has been appointed as the statutory Conservator of Castlepoint National Insurance Company ("Castlepoint").

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Creditors We are seeking to provide creditors with a good standard of service in terms of communication and expediting dividend payments.

There is no need for you to file a Proof of Claim against Castlepoint National Insurance Company (Castlepoint) or any other form required unless requested by the Guaranty Fund to do so.

* Certain Castlepoint claims were generated under policies that were written through Castlepoint companies that were not licensed in a specific state to underwrite policies ("non-admitted business").

NOTICE OF NO ASSETSMailing Date: December 1, 2017RE: Fremont Indemnity Company in Liquidation Dear Claimant: This letter is being sent on behalf of the California Insurance Commissioner in his capacity as Liquidator for Fremont Indemnity Company ("Fremont").

The Conservation and Liquidation Office (CLO) assists the Insurance Commissioner in the liquidation proceedings.

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