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It answers those important questions of why our fingers go wrinkly when they get wet and why we no longer swing between trees and like to sit in front of computers and learn stuff.

This topic is all about patterns and trends, what were the patterns leading toward bipedalism, tool uses, culture and looking at the bigger ideas of our biological and cultural evolution as a species.

Relationships between various limb bone dimensions of these skeletons are compared to those of modern African apes and humans.

Suprisingly, it emerges that OH 62 displays closer similarities to African apes than does AL 288-1. afarensis, whose sksleton is dated more than 1 million years earlier, is commonly supposed to be the ancestor of Homo habilis." (Scherer-Hartwig, S., and Martin, R. Observations on early hominid postcranial skeletons, Journal of Human Evolution 9-49 (1991)) "However, when we find that significant differences have developed, over a short time span, between closely related and contiguous peoples, as in Alaska and Greenland, and when we consider the vast differences that exist between remote groups such as Eskimos and Bushmen, who are known to belong within the single species Homo sapiens, it seems jusitifiable to conclude that Sinanthropus [Homo erectus] belongs within this same diverse species" (Laughlin, W.

Much of our present understanding is based on very little evidence.

Only a few thousand hominid fossils have been discovered and most of these are incomplete.

These fossil hominids lived more than 1.5 million years ago and had brains half the size of ours.

They were certainly not members of our own species, and we have no idea whether they were even in our direct ancestral line or only in a parallel line of descent resembling our direct ancestor." (Lewontin, Richard C.

Darragh O'Brien, Dominique Durand, Sébastien Brier, Daniel Ladant, Alexandre Chenal and co-workers show that the binding of calmodulin to the Cya A toxin of Bordetella pertussis induces a structural disorder-to-order transition within its catalytic domain, serving as an on/off switch to ensure that the toxin is only ever active in target eukaryotic cells.

Sometimes anatomically similar bones collected over a wide area are assumed to be from the same individual, but they may actually be from different individuals.

The following account of hominid evolution does not pretend to be complete or undisputed.

This Primer explores how theoretical models can be linked to the mechanisms that help establish the periodic pattern of hair or feather buds in the developing skin. Over 80,000 chemicals are used commercially; this Collection highlights gaps between evidence of potential harm for a range of environmental exposures and existing policies and regulations to protect public health.

Many of the quotes in our collections have been verified for accuracy, but not all have been verified.

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