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However, following news that he has embarked on a relationship with his children's nanny after the failure of his second marriage, it seems that Jezza might just be a candidate for help himself.Indeed, despite his comfortable middle-class upbringing, he has packed in enough incidents in his 51 years to sustain several lively discussions.In an interview in 2007, first wife Kirsty claimed he was a pathological liar.She said: 'He told me he had gone through a painful bust-up with his fiancee after he caught her in bed with his best friend. 'After we split up, I found out this was a lie and that he'd been saying much the same thing about me to his next girlfriend.'And worse was to come.He's the scourge of the unfortunate, the feckless and the hopeless — on hand with paternity tests, offers of rehab and post-show counselling to those who choose to share their tawdry troubles on television.

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I'll never understand what a hit of heroin feels like, but gambling I get.

I lick my mobile phone to make sure it's clean — I know it's disgusting.

I did lick golf balls, too, until somebody told me a guy in America who did that died because of the pesticides.'He told another interviewer that he had been cripplingly shy as a child, rated himself a six out of ten for looks and intelligence, and had not worn underwear for 20 years. The manner in which he met his second wife, Carla, is worthy of any reality show.

She once described how she went to draw some money from their joint account for maternity clothes — only to find he'd blown the lot.'When I contacted the bank, I found out that he'd run up a £4,500 overdraft.

They'd been trying to get hold of me but Jeremy must have intercepted the mail.'Things came to a head when he was £12,000 in debt and was told he had to pay back the money month by month or be declared bankrupt.

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